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Brilliantly Simple Technology

Kinetico: A Historic Past

Since 1970, Kinetico has been designing and manufacturing innovative water treatment systems and water softener systems that solve a variety of water problems. Kinetico continually develops and offers products to meet the diverse water treatment needs of people in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

At Kinetico of West Texas, our complete systems are designed to improve water quality throughout Lubbock, Amarillo and Midland, including well and municipal water sources. Each Kinetico system is made in Newberry, Ohio, and is customized for the specific water it will treat. Our non-electric technology along with our salt-free options make them a breeze to own and maintain.


Our systems are powered by moving water—not electricity—so there are no electric parts to break that require costly repairs. And the high-quality water Kinetico systems produce help extend the life of your pipes, appliances, fixtures, clothing and more.

Environmental Stewardship

Fresh water is an essential natural resource that we all depend upon. We are committed to responsible water use and preservation to meet today’s global economic and environmental needs without compromising the opportunity for future generations to meet theirs.

Unmatched Performance

Our systems treat water more efficiently, effectively and economically. With more contaminant removal and no spikes in performance, you can be confident they will outperform other options available and provide you with clean, clear water for years and years.

Our Team Works Wonders

Lynne Peel


Keith Peel


HL Hensley

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Roberson

VP of Operations

Kate Silva

VP of Marketing

Matthew McKay

KinetiCare Manager

IcyAnne Lindeman

Sales Coordinator

Brian Trout

Senior Territory Manager (Midland/Odessa)

Lisa Mullins

Territory Manager (Lubbock)

Jeremy Mayo

Major Account Rep

Jessica McElroy

Territory Manager (Lubbock)

Wacey Estes

Territory Manager (Amarillo)

Armando Hernandez

Service Technician

Eric Giles

Service Technician

Zeke Sevedra

Service Technician

Cliff Giles

Service Technician

Isaac Vela

Service Technician

What Customers Say

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