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June 18, 2019

 Why do people use water filters? Water filters are used to upgrade the quality, taste, and appearance of water in the home. Water filters can also be used to eliminate concerns about contaminants and other potential health hazards in tap water.  What do water filters do? Water filters eliminate a number of common water problems … Continued

April 7, 2019

Bottled vs.Tap Water

Where does bottled water come from? Those beautiful mountain illustrations on water bottles are often very far from the true source of the water inside. Bottled water sources can be hard to track down, as bottled water manufacturers are not required to disclose where the water comes from or for that matter, what’s in their … Continued

January 22, 2019

5 Benefits of Drinking Water  We all know that drinking water is both good and beneficial to living a healthy lifestyle. To function properly, all the cells and organs of the body need water. Here are five benefits to staying hydrated: 1. BOOSTED ENERGY: Dehydration can leave you feeling drained and fatigued. You don’t necessarily have … Continued

October 22, 2018

What is a Boil Water Notice?

A Boil Water Notice is issued by water utilities or health agencies as a precaution to protect consumers from drinking water that may have been contaminated with disease causing organisms. Boil water notices are typically issued when an unexpected condition has caused a potential for biological contamination of water in a public water system. Pathogens … Continued

September 12, 2018

What is an RO and why do I need it?

Clean, safe drinking water is vital to life. Unfortunately, water free of harmful contaminants is a luxury we as West Texans don’t have. Many recent national studies have found that public utilities have supplied thousands of people with drinking water that contains high levels of radiation, lead, and arsenic. We are at a point in time where … Continued

August 29, 2018

How much water should I actually be drinking?

I’m sure we all have heard the “drink eight glasses of water a day” line. While this doesn’t sound like much, if you actually try it and finish the entire glass, it’s a lot more difficult to do than it sounds. And in all actuality, we need more than that in a day to keep … Continued

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