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If you run a restaurant, good-tasting water is vital to your business; even those who are used to the local tap water may still find it disagreeable and want something to drink that’s filtered. The taste of cool, clean water is wonderful on a hot day, and that same clean water makes the tea, coffee, and other drinks you have taste even better. Plus, West Texas water is very hard, leaving mineral deposits over pretty much anything it touches. The need for water filtration for restaurants becomes clear once you see the damage – both mechanical and financial – that unfiltered water can do to your business.

Why Should I Add a Filtration System? I Didn’t Need It Before

It’s true that you may not have needed one urgently, but chances are that your restaurant’s water quality may have already been affecting you for years. Think about how many times you’ve had to clean spots off glasses or have plumbing fixtures repaired because of scale; chances are you could have reduced those occurrences if you’d had filtered water. And while a steady stream of customers is a testament to how good your food is, your food might taste even better if you can use filtered water while cooking.

Chlorine from water treatment plants and lime from groundwater (common in central and western Texas) can change both the taste and smell of water. The other ingredients in your recipes might mask those flavors and odors to an extent, but a subtle aftertaste or aroma may persist. Filtering the water you use removes substances like chlorine and lime, allowing the full flavor and fragrance of your food and drink to shine.

Unfiltered water may be safe to drink, but that doesn’t mean it is something you want to drink. The water may contain minerals in levels that not only throw off the taste of the water, but it’s also subject to any municipal treatment issues, such as dirt in the water after city lines are repaired or seasonal algae in water sources.

Scale Does More Than Look Bad

One more issue with unfiltered water is that it can clog pipes and make moving parts freeze up when enough scale accumulates. The more scale there is, the harder it is to remove. Plumbing and other equipment items that are overwhelmed by scale need more repair and possibly earlier replacement than they would otherwise. Filtration systems remove much of the particulate matter that’s in the water, preventing it from settling in the plumbing and encouraging the growth of scale. From dishwashers to faucets to ice machines, scale reduction is a critical part of keeping all your restaurant’s equipment working well.

The cost of installing and maintaining the filtration system is small compared to the costs of early repair and replacement – and to the costs of running equipment that isn’t in great shape. By removing scale and preventing more from building up, the equipment in your restaurant that uses water should run more efficiently and let you save money on your utility bills.

Don’t let West Texas water keep your restaurant from being the best it can be. Add a water filtration system for better operation and service. Contact Kinetico of West Texas today for a free water analysis.