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Bottled Water vs. Filtered Tap Water

Are you looking for a way to get cleaner and safer drinking water for you and your family? Kinetico’s water filters provide the perfect solution – all the advantages of bottled drinking water and none of its risks! With water filters in your home or office, you can get clean drinking water from a reliable source whenever you need it. You no longer need to buy bottled water in bulk or remember to restock every so often. Water filters are the most convenient and cost-effective way to ensure that you have access to healthier and tastier water. Make the switch to filtered water today and get an unlimited supply of pure, contaminant-free drinking water right at home.

Where Does Bottled Water Come From Anyway?

We all have seen bottled water labels with images of pristine glaciers and babbling streams on the packaging, but that doesn’t really tell the truth about the source of the water inside. A majority of brands use water from the same municipal water supplies that your tap water comes from. Most of the bottled water you drink is probably just public tap water that has been slightly filtered or enhanced in some way. Because of vast differences in the sources and treatments used by different brands, it becomes very difficult to be sure about the purity of your bottled water.

Is Bottled Water Really Safer to Drink?

Although bottled water is generally safer than unfiltered tap water, there are serious concerns about its contamination with microplastics. Microplastics are tiny fragments of plastic that seep into the drinking water as a result of the bottling and packaging process itself. Over time, they accumulate in the kidneys, liver, and intestines and can lead to major health problems in the long run. The hot weather conditions in West Texas can also cause chemicals from the plastic bottle to leach into the water. Unfortunately, as bottled water is regulated as a food product in the US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require bottled water companies to disclose water quality test results. 

How the Big Business of Bottled Water is Damaging the Environment

Plastics are a significant environmental hazard, and their overuse drives up the carbon footprint for the whole planet. Even though plastic is recyclable, only 20% of the total bottles produced each year end up getting recycled. As the number of plastic bottled being sold grows each day, more and more landfills are filled with plastics. It can take up to 700 years for a single plastic water bottle to start decomposing. What’s more, multinational companies are working to turn an essential resource like drinking water into a commodity to earn bigger profits. Taking clean drinking water away from communities that may already be facing a shortage infringes on people’s fundamental human rights too.

Choose Safety and Health for Your Family With Kinetico’s Drinking Water Filters

Drinking plenty of water every day is essential for good health. So, it comes as no surprise that good quality drinking water is the highest priority for American households. Kinetico is the leading provider of drinking water stations in West Texas, and for good reason! Our filtration systems utilize advanced reverse osmosis (RO) techniques to remove more contaminants than any other residential device. With the superior FlexFiltration technology, Kinetico’s K5 drinking water station removes not just chemical impurities but bacteria and viruses (including the Coronavirus).

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our filter technologies, water softeners, and get FREE water analysis in your home!