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You’ve heard it time and time again: Drink eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy. 

We know that water is a necessary part of life, but what’s the big deal about staying hydrated? You might be underestimating the impact that a healthy dose of water can have on your system, both physical and mental. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re 2 hours deep in a hike or just laying on your couch — staying hydrated means staying healthy. Let’s explore the benefits of hydration on your mental and physical health.

The Impact Water Has On Your Physical Health

According to the CDC, there’s nothing better for your health than just plain drinking water. It can help prevent dehydration and keep your body running as it should.  While there’s no recommended fluid intake for everybody, the average person should be drinking about 15.5 cups per day for men and 11.5 cups per day for women. 

It’s clear enough that we should be drinking water to avoid dehydration, but water is important for more reasons than just keeping us alive. Staying well-hydrated can benefit your body in so many other ways, including: 

  • Managing your body weight 
  • Helping your body absorb nutrients 
  • Improving circulation 
  • Helping your body fight off illnesses and viruses 
  • Giving your energy a boost
  • Keeping your mind sharp 
  • Boosting your mood 
  • Aiding your digestion and preventing constipation
  • Protecting your joints
  • Regulating body temperature 
  • Maximizing your physical performance 

It’s a long list, but the benefits of staying hydrated are hard to ignore. Without a healthy intake of water, you’ll feel the consequences right away. 

How Drinking Water Can Affect Your Mental Health

The effects can hit your mental health as well as your physical health. Did you know your brain is made up of 73% water? With this stat in mind, you can imagine what might happen when you start to become dehydrated. 

Without the energy needed to function, your serotonin levels will drop, and your emotional health can take a toll. You might notice symptoms of depression, anxiety, or stress. For existing mental health conditions, dehydration can only make them worse. 

Reach Your Water Intake Goals Straight From The Tap

Drinking enough water each day is one thing, but it’s just as important that you’re getting your water from the purest and highest-quality source. 

That’s where the Kinetico K5 Drinking Station comes in. With purified reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water, you never have to worry again about the quality of your water. 

Our water station has the most advanced filtration system on the market. The Kinetico K5 Drinking Station can remove unwanted substances from your home’s drinking water, filtering out harmful contaminants like sodium, lead, chloride, calcium, arsenic, sulfates, mercury, fluoride, and more. It transforms your household water into crystal-clear drinking water — with a great taste too. 

The Kinetico K5 RO system isn’t just good for your health. It benefits the environment too! Instead of filling your house — and the environment — with plastic water bottles, you can get purified water directly from your home’s water supply. Over time, it’ll save you money and save the planet too. 

Let’s quickly review the benefits. The Kinetico K5 Drinking Station can elevate your drinking experience, offering: 

  • Clean, pure water with fewer contaminants than any other residential solution 
  • Up to 40 gallons of purified water each day 
  • A cost-effective solution that produces less waste 
  • A system that’s simple and easy to maintain 
  • A 10-year warranty on all parts, excluding the filters and membrane

Contact Kinetico of West Texas Today

If you’re looking to take your healthy hydration to the next level, there’s no better place to start than with Kinetico of West Texas. Discover a better solution for affordable, safe, and environmentally-friendly water today! Contact us to get a free quote