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We know that water is essential for human life, but it’s not always where you want it, when you want it. Sometimes, it might even be contaminated with dangerous pesticides and other substances. Here are some facts to help you understand this vital resource.

1. Water is unique

From the atmosphere to the ocean, you can find water almost anywhere in one form or another. In fact, 40 trillion gallons of water basically live in the atmosphere, and about 40 percent of it falls to the planet’s surface each day. Water is also the only element with the distinction of being a liquid, gas, and solid at certain temperatures. 

2. Water is ancient

The water you see today is the same water the dinosaurs saw and enjoyed 245 million years ago. We won’t ever have less water, but we won’t have more either because it’s impossible to create water. Instead, water is naturally recycled through the water cycle. Unfortunately, some people might have less access to water because it gets caught up elsewhere on Earth. 

3. Freshwater is rare

Most of the water on Earth is either frozen water, saltwater, or somehow inaccessible. This means that we can use just 1 percent of all the water on Earth for drinking, cooking, and bathing. And of that 1 percent, most of it is located underground. Just 0.036 percent of our freshwater is found on the planet’s surface.  

4. Water is in high demand

Each day, Americans use about 346 billion gallons of water, with 38 billion gallons making their way through our public water systems and pipelines. Households in California, Texas, and New York, the three states with the highest populations, consume the most water.

For each American who averages 100 gallons of water used a day:

  • 74 percent occurs in the bathroom
  • 21 percent occurs in the laundry area
  • 5 percent occurs in the kitchen

5. Water is required for many things 

We use water in the home, but we also use water for manufacturing goods and growing food. Even if we don’t see water in the finished product, it likely made that product possible.

  • Manufacturing one vehicle requires about 39,000 gallons of water
  • Making one pair of jeans require about 1,800 gallons 
  • Making one cotton shirt require about 400 gallons 
  • Producing one newspaper requires about 150 gallons
  • Growing one orange uses 13.8 gallons
  • Growing one watermelon uses 100 gallons
  • Producing one loaf of bread uses 150 gallons

6. Water treatment systems are popular

Whether water makes its way through public water systems or property wells, it can become contaminated by bacteria, chemicals, or plumbing materials. Tap water safety is no joke, especially given how many times contaminated water supplies can happen. From 1991 to 2002, our country experienced about 17 outbreaks every single year, prompting actions for safer water.

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