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A Boil Water Notice is issued by water utilities or health agencies as a precaution to protect consumers from drinking water that may have been contaminated with disease-causing organisms.

Boil water notices are typically issued when an unexpected condition has caused a potential for biological contamination of water in a public water system. Pathogens can enter the water source via water line breaks, water treatment disruptions, or power outages that cause water contamination resulting in a loss of pressure in the distribution system, loss of disinfection, and other water quality problems. For instance, when there is a loss of water pressure, bacteria backwashes into the water pipes. Toxic minerals and viruses may seep into the water supply when a pipe breaks.

Boil Water Notices are on the rise in Lubbock County and surrounding communities. 

If a Boil Water Notice is received, there are guidelines. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), water can be made potable by bringing it to a full rolling boil for at least one minute and then cool it before use. The notice will instruct the consumer to boil all water used for drinking, cooking, food preparation, brushing teeth, and making ice. Reverse osmosis can remove more contaminants faster and more effectively. So when the next boil notice hits the headlines, you will have peace of mind knowing your water is already being purified.

It is imperative to understand your water before choosing a water filtration system. We have made it our business to help you stay safe and will do everything in our power to find a solution that fits your needs.