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Water is life. We are well aware of how vital water is for not just living but for so many aspects of our lives. And when it comes to your family, you work hard to ensure that they get the very best of everything. That includes the water you have in your home.

At Kinetico of West Texas, we have a deep connection with our customers. We understand how important high-quality water is throughout your home. Our home water solutions are the result of years of unique technology, exclusive innovation, and dedication to being the best by providing the best.

And we have succeeded.

Why better water is just, better

You can see the benefits of high-quality water and how it touches every aspect of your home and family. Hard water can leave clothes looking dingy, leave mineral deposits in your sink and tub, and, well, it just plain tastes funny.

On the other hand, you can see, feel, taste, and even smell the difference in filtered water.

But not just any filtered water!

Our home water systems ensure that you and your family will enjoy all of the benefits of the purest, highest quality water you can get. That means clothes that stay brighter longer, skin that’s more touchably soft, meals with more decadent, pristine flavors, and water that taste better.

In fact, you can enjoy Kinetico drinking water straight out of the tap! Just grab a glass and drink up! No weird smells or funky tastes, only clean, pure water that you can feel good about using in your home and serving to your family.

What’s that peace of mind worth to you?

Filtration Options to Fit Your Needs

Kinetico has several home water solutions to meet your family’s water needs. We use a purification method called prefiltration to act as a frontline defense against some of the larger contaminants like iron, dirt, and suspended solids. It prepares the water to be softened and further purified into our signature drinking water that you trust.

During this process, we use various filters based on your individual needs and the condition of your water.

  • Prefilter cartridge: Great for homes that don’t require intensive filtration.
  • Multi-tank: Great for homes on city water systems or wells; it provides intensive filtration.
  • Chlorine removal: Gets rid of the smell and taste of chlorine and its drying effects on the skin.
  • Iron removal: Ends stained appliances, tubs, sinks, clothing, and fixtures, leaving you with rust-free, clean water.
  • Odor causing impurities: Stinky water? Not a problem with our filters! No more rotten egg, foul-smelling odors in your family’s water!

You Can Taste the Difference

Are you ready to give your family the freshest, purest water available? Call Kinetico of West Texas today for a free quote and give your family the high-quality water they deserve. You can taste the difference!

When you call, a team member will talk to you about your water needs and help you find the home water solution that is the right fit for your home and family. Your family deserves the best. Give them Kinetico water.