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When it comes to man’s best friend, we want the best. A common controversial topic amongst dog owners is the quality of food we feed them. Does it contain high levels of corn or wheat? Should I choose dry, wet, our fresh food? Some people make the change to a completely raw diet to help with digestion. This is all for the love of our furry friends.

Now, some dog owners are beginning to research the effects of tap water on their pet’s health. And it’s about time.

“Tap water is marginally accepted as a source of water for dogs but is generally not recommended. Tap water may pose other risks if it is high in iron, magnesium, or nitrates. All untreated water can harbor parasites, viruses, and bacteria.”


With concern about tap water safety on the rise, it’s only natural that more families are looking for home water solutions. Risks associated with high levels of lead, arsenic, and nitrates found in West Texas tap water are just as real for dogs as they are for people.

Fortunately, Kinetico of West Texas has reverse osmosis systems that will take care of problem water at the time of install. Our RO systems are capable of removing arsenic, lead, radon, nitrates and many more impurities with minimal upkeep. Imagine being able to give your pet fresh, clean-tasting drinking water straight from the tap. Now that is peace of mind.