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Business Is Better With Better Water

With savings on salt, water, and time, Kinetico’s commercial water softening systems are a smart choice for any foodservice, hospitality, retail business or office. Our industrial-strength, non-electric commercial water softeners operate based on demand and are designed to handle all the water your business needs.

From our heavy-duty Hydrus™ industrial water softeners to space-saving CC Series systems, each water softening system is held to high quality standards and comes with an industry-leading warranty for peace of mind. And with soft water, your equipment will operate at peak efficiency and last longer.

Hydrus™ Series Commercial Water Softeners

Ideal for large appliances requiring high flow rates. May also be combined with Hydrus™ Filtration. Configurable, non-electric point-of-entry softener.

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CP Series Commercial Water Softeners

Larger non-electric systems for performance and efficiency. Modular design allows your system to grow as water demand increases. Efficient, low-cost operation.

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CC Series Commercial Water Softeners

Compact non-electric models save space. Applicable to water temperatures up to 150°F. Corrosion, heat and moisture resistant.

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S-Series Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

The S-Series is designed for commercial use and features proprietary controller technology for improved flexibility and ease of use when reverse osmosis water is needed for recipe quality food and beverage applications.

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Combination Softener & Filter System

Removes water hardness and chlorine in one system. Soft, filtered water, 24 hours per day. Quad-tank design and non-electric operation. Simple, reliable and economical operation.

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