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We provide water solutions to improve the water quality of West Texas water. Life hydrated by Kinetico means experiencing water that tastes better, works better in your plumbing and appliances, and makes skin and clothes feel softer.

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Simple Technology

Purifying West Texas Water Since 1970

Kinetico has been designing and manufacturing innovative water treatment and softener systems for communities across West Texas for over 50 years. At Kinetico of West Texas, our complete systems are designed to improve water quality throughout Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland, and Odessa. We work with well and municipal water sources.

Technology Made in the USA

Each Kinetico system is made in Newberry, Ohio, and customized for the specific water it will treat. Our non-electric technology, along with our salt-free options, make them a breeze to own and maintain.

Who We Work With

Improve Your Family's Health and Quality of Life

Access to clean drinking water should be a priority for every household. There are several different filtration systems to choose from. Our most popular West Texas residential systems feature reverse osmosis (RO) technology, where water is purified using pressure to push it through a semipermeable membrane. Our water-softening systems will make your skin, hair, and nails look better and extend the life of clothes and appliances.

Save Money With An In-Home Water System

Stop spending money on single-use bottles or filters for pitchers. Access clean water anytime with fewer trips to the store. RO is energy-efficient because it uses existing water pressure in your home. 

Extend Your Business Appliances' Lives

Whether it's the dishwasher in your restaurant kitchen or the hot water heater at your hotel, appliances last longer when the water they use has been purified and softened. So, whether it's for the comfort of your guests or improving your business's bottom line, clean, softened water helps us all. Ditch the water delivery and try an in-house system.

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Let Us Take Care of Your Water System

KinetiCare is a monthly subscription for our customers. All makes and models of Kinetico equipment are serviced monthly. We aim to ensure that you have the cleanest and freshest water possible. Our expert team replaces or repairs broken equipment and brings any needed supplies. KinetiCare is available for homes and businesses in West Texas.

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First Responders Discount

15% Off

  • 3 Months Complimentary Service with Purchase of New Home System
  • 3 Months Deferred Payment

Veterans Discount

15% Off

  • 3 Months Complimentary Service with Purchase of New Home System
  • 3 Months Deferred Payment

Premier Softener Package Specials

10% off PLUS a Reverse Osmosis System

  • 10% off all premier softener packages
  • Receive a Reverse Osmosis System with every purchase of a premier softener package

People across West Texas look to Kinetico for custom solutions to their residential and business water problems.

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