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Do You Suffer From Hard Water?

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Dry Skin & Hair

Hard water leaves behind minerals on your hair and skin after each shower. If you notice your hair and skin getting drier and irritated, you may have hard water!

Dish Stains

Those white or clear stains left behind on your glassware are caused by hard water minerals. Soft water an make them gleam and sparkle!

Stiff Laundry

Hard water makes it more difficult for your detergent to produce soft and fluffy towels and clothes. Water softening can make your laundry easier to do than ever!

Scale Buildup

Do your coffee maker, dishwasher or other appliances struggle with scale buildup? Soft water doesn’t leave behind nasty buildup!

Poor Soap Lather

When you wash your hands or hair, does the soap bubble up a lot? If not, hard water may be reducing the ability of your soaps and shampoos.

Low Water Pressure

Your pipes can become clogged by minerals left behind. If you struggle to get a steady stream of water from your faucets, mineral build up could be the cause!

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Water Softeners and Filtration Specialist

If cloudy water, dry skin and brittle hair have become problems in your home, these are signs that your water quality is suffering. Don’t let time drip away before addressing these issues. Instead, turn to the water system experts at Kinetico of West Texas!

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Discover how to remove up to 99.99% of contaminants and get safe, delicious tasting water that isn’t hard on your home or business.
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Kinetico was quick, knowledgeable, helpful, and installed a quality product with quality service! 10/10 Recommend!

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The customer service at Kinetico is top notch! The sweet girls in the office provided me with all the info I requested & are very professional and knowledgeable! Definitely recommend!!!

Dana Harwell

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461C US-62 #82
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