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Water Softeners For Your Lubbock Business

Commercial Water Softening Solutions

With an abnormally high concentration of ground minerals, almost everyone in Lubbock has to deal with the unfortunate side effects of hard water. Foggy water spots, hair damage and poor soap performance are all day-to-day battles when you live in West Texas.

While the impacts of hard water might be a mere inconvenience at home — one that we can fix, by the way — hard water problems can become drastically more serious when allowed to impact an industry. The team at Kinetico of West Texas is here to provide the commercial water softener installation your company needs to stay running full steam ahead.

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Why Soften And Not Filter?

Here at Kinetico of West Texas, we’re proud to offer a full range of water treatment options so that we can confidently service every type of business. With such a complete range available, it would be reasonable to question why softening would benefit an industry when total filtration is available.

The simple answer is that not all industries require total filtration of their water. Oftentimes, that level of treatment is a waste of time, equipment and money.

For services that don’t require a food or medical-grade standard of water, sometimes mineral reduction is sufficient — and our commercial soft water systems are more than capable of getting the job done.

Why You Need A Commercial Water Softener

Soft water helps extend your plumbing system’s lifespan and deters mineral buildup. Here are some of the most common commercial applications where standard softening is sufficient.

Boiler Systems

Boiler systems use water to generate steam as a source of power for various heating and industrial processes. Using soft water in a boiler system is a vital part of preventative maintenance as it prevents mineral and scale build-up that can greatly reduce the unit’s efficiency.

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are vital heat-exchange components that prevent important industrial or commercial systems and equipment from overheating. They work off the concept of heat exchange and utilize water to transfer and disperse heat.

Similar to boiler systems, soft water is crucial in the prevention of mineral buildup and helps prolong the life of cooling systems while maintaining their efficiency.

Laundry Services

Dealing with the effects of hard water while doing laundry at home is one thing. But if your company relies on its ability to consistently deliver professionally laundered clothing, then a commercial water softener system is a smart investment.

Not only does hard water reduce the effectiveness of detergent, but it also greatly increases wear and tear on the equipment that a laundromat requires.

Car Washes

When water dries, heavy impurities leave spots and cloudy residue behind. Any car wash would have a difficult time staying in business if every clean car dried into a water-spotted mess. To combat this, car washes often use a reverse osmosis system to provide their customers with a consistent, spot-free rinse.


As residents of Lubbock, we all know the unfortunate impacts that hard water can have on our home appliances. Unfortunately, these problems can also extend to the complicated agricultural equipment that farmers use to keep food on our tables.

Commercial soft water systems can help farmers maintain the efficiency of their irrigation equipment. This can reduce maintenance requirements and increase the overall efficiency of any agricultural operation.

Apartment Complexes And Residential Communities

It’s no secret that hard water can be hard on our plumbing and home appliances. While this increased wear might be manageable on an individual basis, for large housing complexes and communities, the maintenance requirements needed to offset the effects of hard water could be truly detrimental.

When it comes to protecting the longevity of dozens of dishwashers and plumbing systems, the initial cost of a commercial water softener installation could easily pay for itself.

Protection From Hard Water Headaches

Here at Kinetico of West Texas, we fully understand how impactful the effects of hard water can be on a business. From damaged equipment to subpar services, entire reputations are made on the quality of water that a company has access to.

When your company or business is looking for the highest quality water softener Lubbock, TX has to offer, then don’t hesitate to contact the water professionals at Kinetico today!

We also serve residential homes! Check out our residential water softeners!

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