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Commercial Water Filtration

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Water Filtration Services For Businesses

Businesses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes — and each has its own water requirements. From small family-owned car washes to giant, shareholder-owned, pharmaceutical companies, neither could survive without access to consistent quality, purified water.

The team here at Kinetico of West Texas is eager to be your business’s much-needed oasis for all of its water needs.

For over 50 years, we’ve been hard at work perfecting the methods we use to provide reliable filtration solutions. We’re confident that we can supply your company with the exact standard of water needed to keep your Lubbock business running.

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Tools Of The Commercial Filtration Trade

Every business is different, and every business will have different standards when it comes to the quality of water it requires to carry out the best work.

A commercial water filtration system for an office will look entirely different from one installed to serve the needs of a beverage company.

Fortunately, the professionals here at Kinetico of West Texas are well-versed in every type of filtration system available on the market and are fully capable of equipping your business with a commercial water filtration system that caters to its every need and requirement.

Regardless of how high your water standards are, we have the filtration methods to achieve them, every time. Here are some of the most successful filtration types being employed today.

Sediment Filtration

Sediment filtration is essentially a first line of defense and is the simplest method of filtration available. Consisting of a basic mesh filter, sediment filtration is designed to remove larger particles from water in preparation for a more refined method of filtration.

Activated Carbon Filtration

Activated carbon is one of the oldest filtration mediums still employed by humans today and is unmatched when it comes to its natural filtration properties. Being highly porous, carbon has an incredibly vast surface area that attracts various contaminants such as pesticides, chlorine and certain heavy metals when filtered through it.

Multi-Media Filtration

Multi-media filtration involves filtering water by forcing it downward through various layers of different filtration mediums. Utilizing materials like gravel and sand, this type of filtration is highly effective at filtering out physical contaminants of various sizes.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Reverse osmosis is a filtration process that involves forcing highly pressurized water through a semi-permeable membrane capable of filtering out contaminants down to the viral scale. RO filtration is one of the most effective methods of filtration and is utilized by the healthcare industry to achieve the highest levels of water purity possible.

Water Softening Or Ion Exchange

A necessary component of almost every commercial water filtration system here in Lubbock, water softening or ion exchange filtration involves filtering water through a bed of specially formulated resin beads that are designed to attract calcium and magnesium ions.

These are just a few of the more popular methods of commercial filtration employed to provide businesses with the water they need. With options like ultraviolet disinfection and ozonation, there’s a solution on the market for practically every water treatment need. Our team is excited to do the hard work to get your company set up for success.

The Effect Of Local Oil Drilling On Lubbock’s Water

With oil drilling being such an integral part of our economy and community, it would be silly to not address the potential risks to your water supply. It’s important to note that nearby oil extraction and processing DOES NOT put Midland County homeowners in direct danger.

However, the process of extracting and processing oil from the ground can have side effects on the same land our groundwater comes from. The municipal water system is very particular about sourcing water from protected reservoirs, but we also know that our water could have higher than normal levels of metals, chemicals, sediment and perchlorates.

Surface runoff, produced byproduct water, fracking and disposal wells are all common techniques that involve water or liquids in the oil process. When these liquids seep back into the ground, there’s a chance they can raise levels of contaminants in the local water.

The good news is Kinetico of West Texas has comprehensive testing technology to determine if your business’ water has been effected by oil drilling. Plus, we can offer water filtration solutions to ensure your water is clean and clear.

Commercial Water Filtration, For Every Industry

Whether you need a commercial drinking water filtration system for an apartment complex, or need access to ultra-pure water for cleaning laboratory equipment, call the team here at Kinetico of West Texas today to have a water filtration system tailored to your company’s specific needs.

When pure water is necessary and you want to have no doubts about the security of your company, ask us about our KinetiCare™ subscription for guaranteed monthly servicing and inspections on your water filtration system.

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