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When talking about water, “hardness” refers to the amount of dissolved minerals — particularly calcium and magnesium — that is present in any particular water sample. While hard water is mostly harmless, scale build-up, dry skin and premature appliance wear-down are all unfortunate potential realities of its prolonged presence.

The effects of hard water are unavoidable for many of the citizens here in Lubbock. Water hardness is measured in parts per million, (PPM). Water is considered hard at around 180 PPM — the average PPM for water here in Lubbock is around 243. It would be reasonable to assume that hard water is a fact of life, but the professionals here at Kinetico of West Texas are here to prove there’s a better way.

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Immediate Benefits Of Water Softening

With our water-softening services, you can make hard water issues a thing of the past. By choosing a water softener for your home, you’ll no longer have to worry about the constant water spotting, itchy skin or potential plumbing damage that’s been a constant reality here in Lubbock. Below are some of the advantages of investing in a proven product from Kinetico.

Softer Skin And Hair

Hard water affects your skin and hair in two ways. First, the minerals can dry and accumulate on your body just like they do your plumbing and appliances. Second, hard water can reduce the effectiveness of soaps by making it difficult for them to lather. These two factors combine to create a no-win situation for personal hygiene.

Reduced Scale Buildup

Scale refers to the constant build-up of minerals that occurs due to excessively hard water. If given enough time, it can wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing and appliances. Reducing the hardness of your water with one of our top-of-the-line home water softener systems is guaranteed to reduce the impact of scale while making your life at home far more convenient.

Extended Appliance Lifespan

Thanks to mineral buildup, hard water can wreak havoc on all water-dependent appliances. When attached to these sub-optimal sources, water heaters, dishwashers and refrigerators will all experience an increased amount of wear and tear. This means that homeowners who choose water softening will save money by having to repair and replace their appliances far less often.

Improved Water Heating Efficiency

Hard water can have a negative impact on the efficiency of almost all water heating systems. Over time, calcium and magnesium can accumulate on the heating elements, drastically reducing their ability to transfer heat.

Not only will using softened water reduce the wear down on your water heater, but you’ll also save money by consuming less energy thanks to the increased efficiency.

Reduced Soap And Detergent Usage

As we mentioned above, hard water affects soap’s ability to form bubbles and lather properly. Aside from the consequences for your skin and hair, this unfortunate property can also make it difficult and costly to get general chores and cleaning done.

With the advantages of a home water softener, homeowners get to enjoy soaps and detergents that work as intended — meaning that less is used, saving both time and money.

Reduced Staining

It’s bad enough that hard water makes cleaning more difficult — thanks to mineral staining left behind after hard water dries, it can also be difficult to ever feel like anything is ever clean in a home. Fortunately, with a water softener from our team, homeowners can enjoy the convenience of only having to clean once knowing that the softened water being provided to their homes will dry clear and spot-free!

Cost Savings

With the reduced wear and tear on appliances and plumbing paired with the increased efficiency of soaps, detergents and water heaters, water softeners work in a lot of ways to make lives more convenient while saving money in the process.

How Do Oil Fields Affect Lubbock Water?

In the Lubbock, Midland and Odessas areas, oil fields are an integral part of the economy. You may find yourself wondering if all that oil extraction could be harming your home’s water quality. The answer is simple: the risk of oil drilling directly putting your water at risk is extremely low.

However, the same sedimentary basin we live on that makes oil extraction so lucrative also contribute to your water’s hardness. Sedimentary basins are often made up of stones like limestone, dolomite, gypsum (calcium sulfate) and sandstone. All of these rocks are either rich in “hardness” minerals like calcium and magnesium or contribute to the solids dissolved into ground water.

What does this all mean? Residents in the Lubbock area receive harder than normal water from municipal and ground well sources. Just another reason why Kinetico of West Texas offers solutions for our local community!

Life’s Hard Enough, Your Water Shouldn’t Be

If you’re fed up with dealing with the constant downsides associated with hard water and are looking for the best source for the most reliable water softener system in Lubbock, call the professionals at Kinetico of West Texas today!

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