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Residential Reverse Osmosis Systems

Every glassful should be clean and clear — with us, it is.

Ultra-Filtered Water From Your Tap

Drinking Water Systems For Your Home

Here at Kinetico of West Texas, we’re proud to provide our community with second-to-none drinking water services that everyone in Lubbock can rely on.

With reverse osmosis filtration, water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane that’s capable of filtering out contaminants down to the viral level. This type of filtration is an industry standard and has long been known to be one of the most effective around. Kinetico’s drinking water systems use this filtration method to deliver clean, great tasting water to you with the turn of a faucet.

When you’re looking for water filtration at home and want to accept nothing less than the best, our dedicated team is here to provide the residents of Lubbock with the most reliable and highest-quality RO systems around.

Kinetico water system installed under a sink

Why RO Filtration Sets The Standard

There are several reasons why RO systems are widely accepted as one the best form of water filtration.

Improved Taste And Odor

Water, in its purest form, is odorless and essentially tastes like nothing. Taste and smell come from various combinations and concentrations of dissolved particles found in the water.

Residential reverse osmosis systems are capable of removing any unpleasant tastes or smells and the dissolved particles that are responsible for creating them.

Second To None Water Purity

Reverse osmosis is one of the most effective filtration systems available, period. Nitrates, pesticides, chlorine — none are capable of penetrating the semi-permeable membrane employed by RO systems that are so restrictive that many microorganisms are incapable of passing through.

Health And Safety

Because RO water systems are capable of such a comprehensive level of filtration, they provide some of the best protection from waterborne illness and contamination. There isn’t a better bet for your drinking water system at home!

On-Demand Availability

Reverse osmosis water systems work by prefiltering a set amount of water to be stored for use in a reservoir. This means that RO systems are capable of providing homeowners with individually catered, highly purified water, on demand.

Space-Saving Design

Residential reverse osmosis systems typically require little space when compared to other types of water filtration systems which means that you can accomplish almost total water filtration while taking up very little physical space.


RO systems can be attached to a wide range of water sources. From natural wells to municipal water supplies, these systems can handle water from almost all sources at varying degrees of contamination and quality.

Reduction Of Environmental Impact

Typically, RO systems produce considerably less waste water when compared to other types of filtration systems which means they are both more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Peace Of Mind

There’s no question that the land of West Texas is oil country — and our economy is generally thankful for it. While the safety and environmental standards of the oil industry are fairly rigorous, no system is fault proof and instances can occur where groundwater is contaminated.

With a personalized RO system by Kinetico, you can gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that every drip of water provided by the plumbing in your home has been filtered through a membrane capable of filtering out viruses.

Reduction Of Water Hardness

Hard water is inescapable here in Lubbock. While we’re proud to provide our community with top-tier stand-alone water softeners, sometimes, softening alone just doesn’t cut it.

For these instances, we’re proud to suggest that our customers consider one of our reverse osmosis systems, which can not only filter out contaminants and purify water but are also capable of reducing mineral content and overall hardness.

Midland County Oil Fields And Water Quality

Kinetico of West Texas is proud to live and work aside the thriving oil drilling industry in our area. Our knowledge of water quality and experience with the geological landmarks of the area make us top voices in the Lubbock water filtration field.

Much of the Midland County oil drilling is possible due to a sedimentary basin — a layered are of rock below the surface that houses oil formed thousands of years ago. This same rock, including limestone, dolomite, gypsum (calcium sulfate) and sandstone, contributes to high levels of hard water.

While the oil extraction process does not put homeowners in specific danger, it can cause higher levels of metals, chemicals and sediments in our water. That’s why we offer filtration technology like RO systems — because our customers deserve the best, cleanest water.

Residential RO For The Purest Water Around, No Questions Asked

Here at Kinetico of West Texas, we take pride in how we approach water filtration. With over 50 years of experience and a dedication to excellence, it’s no surprise or wonder how we’re able to extend our customers incredible perks, like free quotes and access to the KinetiCare™ subscription plan.

If you want to provide your family with some of the highest standards of home water filtration, call the professionals here at Kinetico of West Texas today for zero doubts about the quality of water coming out of your faucet.

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