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Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

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Reverse Osmosis For Your Business

Commercial RO Systems

In the commercial world, consistency is king. Without access to consistent ingredients, it would be impossible for companies to provide their customers with trustworthy products. One universal ingredient in almost all products is water.

Reverse osmosis (RO) is one of the most effective filtration methods available. It’s used in homes across the country to deliver highly filtered, purified water at the turn of a faucet handle. On a commercial level, RO filtration is one of the methods that allow us to live in a country with such high food and drug standards.

Utilized by a large number of industries, reverse osmosis is one of the best ways to deliver consistent, purified water at the commercial scale. Here in Lubbock, the team at Kinetico of West Texas prides itself on being the lead authority on all things RO.

woman drinking water out of a stainless steel mug

Who Benefits From Commercial Reverse Osmosis?

As we mentioned above, reverse osmosis is utilized by many industries for water purification. Below are a few examples of how it’s used to provide our society with safe, consistent products on a day-to-day basis.

Drinking Water Purification

Often used in hotels, restaurants and other high-volume food service establishments, reverse osmosis filtration provides an effective method of water filtration that ensures a high standard of consistency and safety for both customers and employees.

Beverage Production

Water is a fundamental liquid and there are few places where consistency and purity are more important than in large-scale beverage production facilities. Not only does reverse osmosis filtration help ensure the purity of any water being used as an ingredient in a beverage, but it also helps with consistency in creating a product that’s the same, every time.

Food Processing

Similar to beverage production, the water used in food production must be pure and contaminant-free. Aside from the ethical ramifications, the legal implications associated with serving food produced with contaminated water could be catastrophic.

Reverse osmosis offers food production companies a way to ensure that every drop of water they use is filtered and entirely free of anything harmful.

Healthcare Facilities

One of the few places where the cleanliness and purity standards might be more strict than the food industry is the healthcare industry. From hospitals to private clinics, pure water is needed for cleaning vital equipment and any number of other tasks.

Clean, pure water is a crucial component of the healthcare industry and reverse osmosis helps these places meet the incredibly strict standards needed to keep the community healthy.

Laboratory And Research

Similar to hospitals and clinics, ultra-pure water is needed to carry out science at the highest levels and many research laboratories achieve this level of purity with a commercial RO system.

Power Plants

One might assume that water and power plants don’t mix but in fact, water is a vital component of the cooling system in many power plants. Because these cooling systems operate at such a high workload, anything less than the purest water can lead to increased wear down.

RO systems are often used to ensure water purity and aid the longevity of these important and costly components.

Undeniable Purity & Consistency You Can Trust

For a reverse osmosis system, commercial applications come in many forms. When you call Kinetico of West Texas you can feel confident that our team will be fully prepared to navigate the specific needs of your industry.

Since 1970, we’ve been leading the pack when it comes to water services in West Texas. With free quotes, American-made products and over 50 years of industry experience, there is little risk in calling to see how your business could be improved by a reverse osmosis system from Kinetico.

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